Different departments under UT Administration have developed & implemented various database such as EPIC, Driving Licence, BPL data base, Family Identity Card, Births & Death, Islander Identify Card, Employment Registration etc. for Islanders. The Government of India has also created database for the Islanders such as National Population Register (NPR) in the year 2010, Unique Identification (UID) in the year 2011 for approximately 60% of population and Fisherman Registration. These databases do not talk to each other since they are in different platform with different architecture, thus making interoperability difficult. A single unified database for the Islanders both permanent resident and residents coming on duty / vacation is the only way to overcome the problem of interoperability.


To develop a Single Unified Database of A & N Islands (with an acronym- SUDANI) with the provision to store all vital information about the islanders which can be used by various government departments to implement their schemes viz. Direct Benefit Transfer of civil supplies, Right to Compulsory Education to children's of age group 6-14, Issue of Scholar ship, mid-day meal programme, issue of all types of license's/ passes etc. To obtain various types of report using query based language which will be helpful in the process of Planning.Development of Single Unified Database of A & N Islands (SUDANI)


It will provide common authentic database which would facilitate effective implementation of all schemes in a transparent manner It will provide various reports such as (i) number of young children, (ii) number of trained youths, (iii) number of old aged citizen etc. in a particular tehsil / block which would help the related departments for better Planning. Weeding out of fictitious beneficiary since the database will capture biometric and iris detail in addition to standard information pertaining to a resident. Tracking persons frequently violating Motor Vehicle Act and taking corrective measures by Police Department and State Transport Authority. Tracking persons with criminal records for maintaining law and order situation.

Funding Pattern:

The data capturing of Islanders during enumeration, data entry in the RGI, Government of India database and de-duplication of data will be done by RGI, Government of India from funds to be provided by RGI, Government of India The de-duplicated data will be shared by RGI, Government of India with the UT Administration in SQL format on no cost to Administration.

Current Status:

The District Administration, South Andaman has been notified as the nodal agency for conduct of enumeration of Islanders under NPR. The District Administration, South Andaman has already issued notification for enumeration. District Administration, South Andaman has requested all the departments to give the names of employees who can be engaged as enumerators The enumeration work will be commenced shortly and completed in 3-4 months time The de-duplicated data is expected to be shared by RGI, Government of India by March, 2013.

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